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Sponsorship Opportunities

Player Sponsorship:

Half way through the season and we still have a fair few players available for sponsorship. As a bit in an incentive were offering player sponsorship for the rest of the season at £30 a player.

On request we’ll happily arrange for you photos of you and your player which will appear on our Socials/Website.

The players available are:

Iain Syme: Alan Comrie: Jordan Wright: Darren Dolan: Mark Sharp: Craig Donaldson: Aidan McKeown: Brett Young: David Cross: Kyle Turnbull: Mark Finalyson: Lee Dawson: Ross Cameron: Aaron Bryson: David McCaughie:

The Management Team: Frazer Duncan: David Beaton: Greig Maitland:

Social Media Sponsorship:

Between our Twitter and Facebook accounts we have around 2500 followers why not give you business access to these people and more. We’re always looking into new ways of advertising.

Drop us a private message to discuss options. This could be something along the lines of “home goal sponsored by “insert your company” as an example.

If you wish to discuss any opportunities with Sauchie Junior’s please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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