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Support During Lockdown

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

In response to the latest SFA statement with regards to the Covid-19 shut down, we hope that any funding coming out to teams will include tier 5, 6 and 7 (Highland/Lowland) (East of Scotland/West of Scotland/South of Scotland). Clubs at this level have received no financial support, whereas teams from the premiership to League Two each received £50k from the very generous James Anderson donation. Clubs at our level sadly can’t sustain football without fans and a shut down with no end in sight without support. We have actively fundraised and are grateful to our fans for their support, but more needs to be done from the governing body to support all clubs within its Pyramid. We run on very tight margins. We don’t have a white knight who can plunge money into the club and if it wasn’t for a dedicated band of volunteers we wouldn’t have a club. For many in the community, a football club is a major thing. It may be the only time they actively socialise with others. We run a bingo club three nights a week in the town (which has been paused for months) and it’s massively popular with the older generation. We have walking football and an academy allowing people of all ages to actively participate in sport as do many other clubs at our level. by no means are we looking for £50k but some form of grant or funding needs to be looked at please don’t leave these clubs unsupported and at risk of disappearing from their communities.

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