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Former Player Catch Up- Terry Hewitt

In the second edition of our former player catch up we catch up with former Sauchie center half Terry Hewitt it would be fair to say Terry was quite the character during his time at sauchie. He wasn’t one to shrug a tackle or tell someone what he really thought (usually the ref) but his character meant he was a big presence both on the park and in the dressing room.

Favourite moment at sauchie?

“First season I joined , we were the under dogs every week and went on a great winning run beating everyone , loved playing under Fraz”

Funniest dressing room moment?

“The first year the dressing room was non stop laughing from Conor Kelly going for a sunbed before every game and turning up red raw to daz Cummings one liners but when the gaffer was giving out instruction before a game to the starting 11 telling all the players what he expected/required he then turned to wille wells and says just go out and smile willi son ….full dressing room burst into laughter”

If you could take a player from your time at sauchie with you who would it be?

“One player from my time at sauchie – very hard question as first season I was there they had quality players all over park in every position like symey at left back who is a different animal and gets fitter as the game goes on to Ding(Stuart Bell) my centre half partner who would kick his own granny and was hard as nails to Morgy who has endless energy and is quality with Morrie in middle of park who was fantastic player also and you had Conor and Daz up front with quality to win you any game but for me the person that made that team tick was Craig Comrie, outstanding player ,great team mate always showed for ball and won every battle he went into”

“Second season….. wee Ant Mctaggart bleeds sauchie and is a great player and friend but Davie Cross for me was best in second season great player and even better team mate wand of a left peg and popped up with double figures from centre half that season”

“Loved my time up at sauchie with all committee Rab karl Noel etc but Geordy deserves a special mention who was my favourite ,one of the best guys I have met in football and would help you in a heartbeat”

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