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Former Player Catch Up- Jordan Tapping

We were very lucky to catch up with former Sauchie Defender Jordan Tapping after his side’s game against Stirling University. Jordan made his mark on the sauchie team during the 15/16 season before moving onto East stirlingshire. He did then have a spell at Brechin City before returning to East Stirling where he currently makes his trade.

What was your favourite moment in your time at the club?

“My favourite moment at sauchie would need to be winning the league it was a great experience that I won’t forget.”

Who was the funniest character at the club in your time there?

“Funniest would easily be Daz Cummings No matter what Daz could always make the best out a bad situation to cheer everyone up with his jokes and stories. “

If you could take one player from your time at Sauchie with you who would it be?

“To take with me would need to be your man josh flood I just felt me and josh just had so much in common and got along really well”

Photo credit Alloa Advertiser

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