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Former Player Catch Up! Bryn Halliwell.

This is one that’s been in the pipeline for a while but with having never met the man at Beechwood it took a bit longer to get in contact but it’s been well worth the wait. My own personal memories of Bryn as a player is 1 specific game a Stirling Albion match at Fir hill when he played for Partick, in a purple top he took a look of stick from the crowd and took it well! He advises during our chat that he was really under the weather that day and shouldn’t have been playing but this sums up the type of player he was 100% commitment all of the time and from conversations with the Beechwood faithful it sums up his time at the club always a true professional.

If you could take any player from your time at Sauchie with you to another club who would it be?

“I would of took the chuckle brothers Ally and Adam. Great for the dressing as they just loved slagging each other. 2 right gd players as well. I played with a lot of gd players and great lads at sauchie tbf. I believed Morgy had a great chance to play at a higher level.”

Have you returned to Beechwood as a supporter?

“I’ve not been back yet as my Saturdays are mostly taken up with watching my 2 lads who are starting there footballing journey. I do keep a keen eye on the results as I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I Had a lot of good times and success. Obviously working with Fraz and Symie helps so I get a run down after most games, good or bad.”

What are you doing now?

“I am the goalkeeping coach at Caledonian Braves in the lowland league. I also over see the GK’s at EDU Sport Academy. I would love to still be playing but I cannot commit the time and effort needed to keep me at a level that I expect. I think I have retired now at the age of 40. I also work with Fraz and Symie at Edinburgh Airport Fire Service, so I get a good report of the games played. My 2 lads take up a lot of my time with different sports they participate in so some times it’s a big game of juggling to get from there activities to training/matches but wouldn’t have it any other way.”

What’s your favourite memory of your time at Sauchie?

“There were a lot of memorable moments at sauchie but winning the East Premier was top draw in my 1st season. Noel, the management team, players and the fans deserved to be in the East super league as it’s a fantastically run club. In my final year, winning the East of Scotland cup was a good way to leave.”

Funniest moment at the club?

“There were a lot to be fair as we were a tight bunch and there were a good few long bus journeys.

A few that really stick out

Symie’s video on YouTube where he comes in absolute steam boats singing Tease me. Has a reeeeeeedic amount of views on a few different FB pages. He gets reminded of that monthly.

There is a top draw picture of Adam asleep in a wheelie bin after a night out that surfaced on the same sort of FB pages.

Duuuuuuuuuuug meeeeeet and mooooooonface has a funny meaning to a few of us and there is the class human siren that gets a good chuckle”

“I would like to add I still have a soft spot for the club and have no doubt this group of players under the management team will produce the goods and have a great end to the season”

Written by : Mattie Hollingworth

Photo credit Alloa Advertiser.

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