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Former Player Catch Up!

This is the first in a new addition of former Beechwood favourites catch ups discussing their time at Sauchie!

First up we start with Dougie Wilson “Jinky” as he was known throughout his career for his skillful play. Dougie had played at Stirling Albion and Alloa before his time at Beechwood.

1- What was your favourite moment at sauchie?

“Favourite moment is a tough one. When I just signed after a few games we won promotion back to the top league even tho I wasn’t playing yet was a good time for the team. Probs the one that sticks out for me tho is when we beat Bo’ness away from home in the league and I scored the winner against one of my old team mates Scott Christie who was in goals.”

2- Who was the funniest in the dressing room?

There were loads of great boys in the squad. Ally burns and Adam Boner we’re without a doubt the funniest. Could also add Morgy Alan Comrie and Gary Carrol though for always winding people up!”

3- If you could pick one player from your time at sauchie who you would take to any club with you who would it be and why?

“I would take Darren Cummings with me. Without a doubt the best finisher I have played alongside. Could have definitely scored goals at a much higher level than junior football!”

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