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David Cross Interview

We caught up with new signing David Cross after he committed to the club for the new season. David is a versatile center half and has played in the states as well as locally with striking albion and Bannockburn.

Q. What age are you?

A. 23 years old

Q. Previous Clubs:

A. Falkirk FC Youth Academy U10’s-U15’s.

Stirling Albion FC U17’s-U19’s

Drury University Men’s Football Team 2014-2017 with spells at St Louis FC in 2016 and AFC Ann Arbor 2017.

2017/18 Bannockburn Amatuers for the second half of the season after returning from coaching in America

Q. What’s your thoughts on Pre Season so far?

A. So far has been very positive with the new manager. The club has a fresh and exciting feeling around it with some new faces added. The manager has been shaping the team to fit his style of football which is a style that I find enjoyable to play and that many teams will struggle to deal with.

Training has been tough but there has been a lot of focus on the ball which makes pre season training that little bit more enjoyable. The team has progressed very well over the last few weeks in the way we are playing and also how we are working together which has been evident in our performances, which we are still looking to improve as we head into the start of the season.

Q. Obviously you were in the states until January last year how did you find the experience compared to the Scottish game?

A. The game in the US compared to the Scottish game is pretty different however my experiences have definitely improved me as a player. The facilities and set up for sports at American Universities are unbelievable and better than most Scottish premiership clubs I have seen .

I was very impressed with the standard of football in the US however I would say the biggest difference is that Scottish players have more game intelligence and awareness about them where Americans are a lot more athletic and faster.

Q. What are your thoughts on the new league set up this season:

A. The new set up creates very strong competition across the board and opens up some good opportunities for teams with the chance to progress up through the leagues.

Our conference is going to be very tough but our aim is to finish as high up as possible and compete with thetop teams in the division. Individually, I am looking forward to testing myself against some quality opposition as I have not played a full season in Scottish football for a number of years now. I am also looking forward to seeing how far we can go with this squad and the new manager and how we continue to improve throughout the season.

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