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Assistant Gaffers Thoughts

So this week we caught up with Adrian to get his views on how thing are panning out at beechwood for the up and coming season. With a good preseason now completed and a great result on Wednesday night against Linlithgow Adrian was in good spirits.

Q. So Adrian how has pre season gone so far in your eyes?

A. Pre-season went well to be fair, to be honest the boys came back in pretty good shape which was pleasing but they have worked extremely hard in every session and now find ourselves with really good fitness levels, which is very important as the way we wish them to play this season will require the players to be extremely fit, but the players have really bought into what the manager is expecting this season and have taken this on board and worked really hard to their credit.

Iain has come in this season with new ideas and a freshness which has been great and again the players deserve a great deal of praise as sometimes there can be a hangover from a manager leaving, especially someone like Fraser

Who had been at the club for such a long period of time and had been so successful and was liked so much by everyone myself included, and had a great relationship with the boys.

Q. With a few boys moving on from beechwood, what’s your thoughts on recruitment so far?

A. We lost a few players at the end of the season which was not ideal, but if I am being honest the squad needed a major freshen up, and whilst it is never great to lose players like we did, we have made 6 new signings so far and they are David Cross, Ryan Miller, Mark Finlayson,Conor Langton, Darren Petrie and Craig Donaldson and have agreements agreed with another 4 players and hopefully we will get the paperwork done on these deals before the end of the weekend, and we are more than convinced that the boys we have brought in will go on to do very well for the club this season, and although it is very early you can already feel an extremely good team spirit is growing within the squad and that is very pleasing and will hopefully put us in good stead for the season ahead. Noel has been an absolutely massive help to Iain and myself so far in pre-season as every time we have went to him for something he has come up trumps for us and for us that is huge help as we needed to really freshen and improve the squad from last season and we believe that we have done that, and for that we are extremely grateful, he is a “miserable old bugger” as he keeps on telling me but has never refused us anything so far and we have enjoyed our “pep talks” so far and hope to do so for a while to come.

Q. You’ve been at Sauchie a while now with various changes behind the scenes how do you feel about the set up currently?

A. The people behind the scenes at our club deserve an extremely huge deal of praise also, as from the minute the last game of the season was played there was not a day or night usually both that there was not work going on at the club a lot of it is not seen, but the difference is unbelievable from painting the grounds exterior, new goals purchased the actual pitch has been moved and had extensive work done to it and a new training equipment store built, new turnstiles built and painted,astro turfed laid coming onto the pitch and all the changing rooms painted which all costs a great deal of money and equally important peoples time and effort. We don’t have the financial backing that some of the bigger clubs have and we are perfectly fine with that, and the manager and myself know that our playing budget is far less than some of the so called big clubs and again we are perfectly relaxed with that, but what we do have which is far superior to many of the other clubs is a group of people behind the scenes that never ask for a single mention of thanks and do all this work voluntarily because they love the club so much and that is what keeps the club alive and without them and their efforts their wouldn’t be a club, there is far too many people to mention but they know who they are and believe me there efforts are so appreciated, so the least we can do is give them is a squad of players that want to do the very best they can for the club every time they pull on the strip.

Q. With a great result on Wednesday in the league Cup what’s your thoughts on possibly progressing from the group?

A. We went into the league cup games format with the idea of using them as extra pre-season games due to the amount of changes we had on the players front last year, and allowing the new players to bedded in, but with the extremely well deserved result against Linlithgow we now find ourselves in the position of if we manage to get a result against Crossgates on Saturday then we could possibly qualify from our section which would be great, but we have to get the result first of all and see where it takes us, Sauchie have in the past few seasons had really positive results against the so called big boys and the very next game we have let ourselves down in the games that we are expected to be getting something from, and that is something that we need to address, there is no doubt that Crossgates have improved and have started this season on fire, however we will be as prepared as we possibly can and will be looking to get a positive result on Saturday that’s for sure.

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